Michael Li, PhD

Michael Li, PhD

Faculty Member, DAIDD 2021-2023

Senior Scientist
Public Health Risk Science Division
Public Health Agency of Canada

PhD in Biology, McMaster University (2019)
MSc in Statistics, McMaster University (2015)
Hon BSc in Mathematics and Statistics, University of Toronto (2013)

About: Michael is a scientist in the Public Health Risk Science division at the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC). He is a theoretical/computational infectious disease modeler. He focuses on human-related diseases (COVID-19, influenza, and HIV) and some wildlife diseases (canine rabies), especially in forecasting epidemic outbreaks, retrospective analysis of the evolution of infectious diseases, and intervention strategies/policies for disease control. In addition, Michael has a broad research interest in theoretical and applied statistics, mathematical biology, ecology & evolution, public health, and computations.

Selected publications:

Li, Bolker, Dushoff, Ma, Earn. (2019) Patterns of seasonal and pandemic influenza-associated health care and mortality in Ontario, Canada. BMC Public Health

Li, Dushoff, Bolker. (2018) Fitting mechanistic epidemic models to data - A comparison of simple Markov chain Monte Carlo approaches. Statistical Methods in Medical Research

Champredon, Li, Bolker, Dushoff. (2017) Two approaches to forecast Ebola synthetic epidemics. Epidemics