MMED Lectures and Lab Summaries

Lecture Slides

Plenary Sessions from Week 1

Track A Sessions from Week 1

  • Introduction to infectious disease data (Thumbi Mwangi)- Slides
  • Introduction to Thinking About Data II (Jim Scott) - Slides
  • Study Design and Analysis in Epidemiology: Where does modeling fit? (Jim Scott) - To be added
  • Study Design and Analysis in Epidemiology II: RCT’s (Alex Welte) - To be added

Track B Sessions from Week 1

Plenary Sessions from Week 2

(links currently go to the 2018 versions)

Lab Summary Slides


  • Tutorial 4 Summary: Visualizing Infectious Disease Data in R (Juliet) - - Slides
  • Tutorial 5 Summary: Data Wrangling (TBD) - To be added


  • Lab 1 Summary: ODE models in R (TBD) - To be added
  • Lab 2 Summary: Consequences of heterogeneity (TBD) - To be added
  • Lab 3 Summary: Study Design in Epidemiology (TBD) - To be added
  • Lab 4 Summary: Study Design for Clinical Trials (TBD) - To be added
  • Lab 5 Summary: Introduction to Likelihood Lab (To be added) - To be added
  • Lab 6 Summary: MLE fitting of a dynamic model to prevalence data (TBD) - To be added
  • Lab 7 Summary: MCMC fitting I (TBD) - To be added


  • Exercise 1 Summary: Basic stochastic simulation models (Rebecca Borchering) - Slides
  • HIV in Harare (Additional Info): Distributed Delay Models of Survival (Boxcar Models) - Slides

Code from MMED 2019 Participatory Coding Sessions