Impact of data reporting policy on Rt estimates


Various groups world-wide are performing real-time estimation of pandemic trends, such as estimating the growth rate and reproduction number through time, using tools like EpiNow2. These estimates are in turn used by officials to make policy decisions.

However, these estimates and the downstream decisions are only as good as the incoming data. This group will explore how different reporting choices influence estimates and ultimately what decisions can be made.

Things to consider

  • When deciding on your interest in this project, please consider the following:

  • The faculty member leading this project is based in the UK, where it is 5 hours earlier than in Dhaka and 8 hours later than in Seattle.

  • This group is recommended for:
  • Participants working on outbreak and epidemic response
  • Participants setting data and reporting policy
  • Participants involved in policy and decision making

  • This group will have the opportunity to engage in any of the following:
  • Data
  • Real-time fore- and now-casting
  • Design of large scale computational analyses