Research Plan Instructions

Model Diagram

See the step-by-step guide for creating a model world (Step 7). The final version of your diagram should include both your research question and a key / legend that defines all symbols.

Model Description

Your model description should fully describe your model world, including all processes, how they connect compartments, and the parameters that define rates of flow. An example model description for the rabies example can be found here.

DAIDD Research Plan

DAIDD Research Plan Outline

  • Research Question
  • Primary outcome of interest
  • Model Diagram and Description
  • Placement on model taxonomy, with justification
  • Approach to analysis and interpretation
    • Parameters that you will vary, how they will be varied, and how you will compare and interpret the output
    • Structure of graphs that you plan to produce
    • Assumptions you plan to make in your initial model and later relax to assess robustness of conclusions
  • Resources and next steps
    • Things to learn/skills to acquire
    • References and other resources to seek out

Posting instructions

Post your research plan before Saturday’s Interactive Session. (DAIDD Participants > General > Files > 06_researchPlan)

Post your final slide before Saturday’s Interactive Session. (DAIDD Participants > General > Files > 07_finalSlide)

Thank you!